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Treatment Room - Agape ChiropracticHere at Agape Chiropractic we are committed to using the best technology to assess the spine and nervous system. To accomplish this we utilize the INSiGHT System at the first visit and re-exams. This technology scans for subluxations and the resulting nervous system imbalances. Why is it helpful? It allows us to measure hidden patterns of stress and tension, shed light on internal changes in the body, and establish a baseline and identify potential problem areas. How does it work? There are three pieces of equipment that together calculate your “CoreScore” which shows your body’s “class grade.” and provides a graph which allows us to track your progress while under chiropractic care.


Measures the tone or tightness of the muscles along the spine. This allows us to see where the overactive and tired muscles are.


Measures the heat coming of the muscles of the spine, which indicates spinal nerve control of organs and glands.


Scans heart rate, temperature and anxiety simultaneously to calculate the activity level of the autonomic nervous system.

Therapeutic Ultrasound:

Therapeutic Ultrasound Room - Agape ChiropracticTherapeutic Ultrasound is a treatment modality that utilizes high or low frequency sound waves. These sound waves are transmitted to the tissues and blood vessels that cause deep tissue/muscle warming. When the tissue is warmed it allows for relaxation of tightened muscle tissue, decreasing spasm. The warming of blood vessels allows dilation, which allows an increase in circulation that assists the healing process. The frequency on the machine allows us to use waves that will decrease inflammation.

Electrical Stimulation:

“E-stim” uses an electrical current to cause a muscle or a group of muscles to contract by placing electrodes on the skin. The uses of e-stim include: decreased muscle tightness, pain, and swelling. This treatment also allows for blood vessel dilation causing an increase in the capacity of the injured tissue to heal.

Intersegmental Traction:

Intersegmental Traction Treatment Room - Agape ChiropracticIntersegmental traction tables are a way to help increase mobility and gently stretch spinal joints. This therapeutic modality also helps to facilitate muscle relaxation and reduction of muscle spasms. The table is equipped with roller-type cams beneath the surface of the table creating a rolling contact that moves up and down the muscles along the spine.

Soft Tissue Treatments:

Soft tissue treatment is similar to massage, however not nearly as relaxing. This treatment us used with muscular trigger points and ligaments/tendons. Dr. Carissa does this treatment with her hand or instrument assisted.


Rocktape is a brand of kinesiology tape that has a variety of uses. You have likely seen high performance athletes on TV with these strips of tape somewhere on their body. It is not just for the professional athletes! It can aid in decreasing pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, and assist the body proper motion.